Product Description

  • Cost is only $0.80 per tumbler.
  • Sold in case of 72.
  • 4 versions: 1906 / 1950 / 1973 / 1991
  • Each case has an assortment of cup versions.
  • IML (Inside Mount Label) graphics will not wear out due to a patented process which applies the label to the inside of the cup, fusing it into the acrylic!
  • Full-color graphics resist wear and color lasts longer unlike current tumblers that have the logo printed on the cup.
  • Commercial grade SAN plastic is dishwasher safe.
  • Tapered sides and a textured exterior to make it easy to stack and pull apart.
  • Stacking lugs prevent jamming when stored and the SAN material is break resistant to extend longevity.